The Art Of Remote Computer Repairs And Networking

This will be the wave of the future. Remote computer technical support. Approximately 98% of all PC problems are software related which means that a technician can remote into your PC and fix those issues. There is one catch… You must have a working internet connection.

Problems that can be fixed remotely include but are not limited to:

- Virus / Spyware Removal

- Optimizing Your Computer To It’s Peak Performance Level

- New Software Installation & Configuration

- Data Backup Configuration

- Peripheral Installation (e.g. Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras etc…)

- Computer Training

- New Computer Setup – If you’ve bought a new pc recently you know how it is bloated with junk trial software that just slows it down right out of the box.

- And the one thing people don’t know about is networking. Yes, through a remote connection, a technician can setup and configure a home or business network. From file & printer sharing to router configuration.

A big reservation people have is allowing a person they’ve never met before access to their PC which has their personal data. It really is no different than taking your PC to a local repair shop and dropping it off. Wait, there is one difference that is actually an advantage. During a remote session you can actually observe what the technician is doing and maybe pick up some pointers along the way.

Here are some tips to finding the right company to do your remote repairs:

- Fees… Make sure they don’t charge by the hour.

- Always check they offer some kind of guarantee. If the same problem returns they should be obligated to fix it at no extra charge.

- Always have a consultation with the company before you begin. They need to first determine that your problem can be fixed remotely.

- Payment is usually made over the phone with a credit card before the session begins. That is to protect the company from people just shutting down their computers after the repair and the company just lost money for their services.

- They should offer some kind of phone technical support after the repair. Just in case you might have some questions. The phone tech support should be free.

Most companies will let you know that after the remote session has ended, they cannot access your computer again unless you grant them that access. So you should feel safe that they are not going to go back in when you are not looking and gain access to personal data.

And one final note…. Remote Computer Repairs should be cheaper than having someone come to your home or dropping off the PC at your local repair shop.

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Avoid Lost Productivity by Having Dependable Computer Repair and Technical Services Ready

A key element of successful small business management is being ready for equipment breakdowns, such as computer repair problems, fax machine repair emergencies, and other computer tech support issues. For businesses that don’t have an in-house IT staff to handle computer repair and maintenance, knowing who to turn to can help keep a business running smoothly.

One of the cornerstones of successful small business management is having procedures in place to address technical problems or equipment repair needs. When essential office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, and computers break down, it can take a heavy toll on business productivity and customer service. Malfunctioning computers or computer networks can also result in the loss of important documents and data, missed deadlines, or vulnerability to Internet security threats.

Establishing a relationship, early on, with a dependable copier repair, fax repair, and computer service can be vital to the ability of a small business to operate efficiently and profitably. When vital equipment breaks down, it can adversely affect the quality of client communication, record keeping procedures, and profitability.

One aspect of effective business planning that’s often overlooked or postponed by small business owners involves anticipating problems and developing plans for dealing with them. Having a list of pre-screened technical services, such as computer repair, fax repair, and copier repair service can shorten downtime and help ensure that problems are fixed correctly, the first time around.

Although this may not be a realistic goal for all businesses, the ideal scenario would be to find one dependable technical services company that provides small business IT support in addition to copier, business fax machine, and computer repair. Finding local technology services that are dependable and affordable is a business management practice that can help keep a small business on an even keel when things go wrong.

If your office equipment is new, it probably came with a service contract or warranty. If that’s the case, your need for computer repair services or a copier repair service may already be taken care of. However, service contracts can expire when you’re busy running a business and managing employees, so it’s always good to be prepared with a backup plan.

As with any kind of service professional or business, the best way to identify dependable contractors is through a trusted referral. That’s one of the benefits of participating in local business organizations and networking groups. Not only can you share potential sales leads and management techniques, but you can also compare notes on local companies that provide good fax repair service, Canon copier repair service, and business computer services. In some LinkedIn social networking groups, it’s also appropriate to ask group members if they have any recommendations for a local computer networking company, a business fax machine repair service, or a reputable firm that provides IT technical support.

If you’re just starting out in business or you haven’t had a chance to develop your professional network, you can always ask your business accountant, attorney, or commercial landlord if they know of any dependable office machine repair services or small business IT support companies in the area.

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